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Branding Tips
How to Pick a Logo Design Shop

Your company's logo is an integral part of your business branding. By creating a simple, striking logo for your business, you can help your customers remember your marketing message, which can encourage them to contact you when they are ready to purchase your products and services.

Although you can create your own logo from scratch if you are familiar with graphic design programs, hiring a logo design shop provides a faster, easier way to obtain a logo for your business. However, selecting a design shop is not always an easy choice. You should consider several factors when making your selection to ensure you are working with the right shop for your business and marketing needs.

Find out if the logo design shop you're considering has a diverse portfolio of logos. A design shop's portfolio should give you a strong sense of the shop's attention to detail, creativity and aesthetic preferences. It should also show you that the design shop has successfully worked with clients in a wide range of industries. If a logo shop cannot or will not show you an extensive portfolio, you might want to keep looking.

Ask if the logo design shop works exclusively with in-house designers, or if it outsources its work to freelancers. A shop that only works with in-house designers maintains greater control over the creative process, allowing you to make suggestions and request revisions as the design progresses toward completion. As a result, you will receive a business logo that meets your objectives and aesthetic preferences. Conversely, if the design shop outsources work to freelancers, you will likely have fewer opportunities to refine your logo idea to make it fit your business branding strategies.

Ask the shop owner for testimonials from past clients. A professional design shop will be happy to provide you with feedback from past customers, and may give you the contact information of a few past clients. Testimonials, particularly if they include contact information, can give you a sense of whether a logo design shop will work to meet your needs, or only to earn your money. A logo design shop that will not provide testimonials might not be the right choice for obtaining such a critical branding tool.

Inquire about revisions when discussing your ideas with a logo design shop owner or artist. Although you undoubtedly hope that the artist will get your logo right the first time, you might need to request changes along the way to make sure your logo perfectly fits your business image. Making sure your logo design shop is open to providing reasonable revisions can help you prevent getting stuck with a logo that falls short of your expectations.

Choosing the right logo design shop to create your logo can be a time-consuming experience. However, using these strategies when selecting a design shop can help make sure that the logo you receive is the best fit for your company.

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