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Branding Tips
Choosing the Best Animal for Your Company Logo

Animals are frequently used to represent businesses or companies in their public logos. Many animals are commonly used as symbols for various attributes, and by using certain creatures in your brand's logo you can give your company a desirable image. Animals are far more memorable than simple symbols or abstract figures. Logos that incorporate animal images into their design will stay in potential customers' thoughts for extended periods of time.

Of course, because animals are so commonly used in brand logos, you might encounter some difficulties in selecting a creature that is both unique and representative of your company. These guidelines will help you to choose the perfect animal logo for your brand.


Many animals are associated with certain attributes in popular culture. For example, monkeys are known to be clever and dextrous, and elephants are said to never forget. Essentially any characteristic can be linked with a common animal, and you should take advantage of these already-established associations in designing your company's logo.

Some business owners are reluctant to utilize the most obvious animal symbols because they fear that this will make their company seem cliched. However, such cliches can actually be enormously beneficial to your company. Potential customers are unlikely to remember an obscure animal-to-business connection; your logo will be much more successful if consumers can link it with something that they already know.

If you utilize popular animals in your logo, you will have to take especial care to ensure that another company has not already used this symbol in the same manner. However, it is relatively easy to adjust your logo so that it does not too closely match another company's design. You can check the logos of companies offering similar services to yours using a quick internet search.

Linking Your Logo to Potential Customers

The ideal animal logo is relatable and appealing to all potential customers. When selecting the creature that you will use in your logo design, you should consider the effect that the animal will have on the people who will utilize your company's goods or services. Try to avoid animals that can have a negative connotation. For example, while foxes are known as clever animals, they also have a reputation for being sly, and a different creature might better suit your purposes.


If you must use an animal that has a somewhat unfavorable reputation, you should use artistic techniques to influence your logo's overall aura. Even the most threatening animal can appear cute and charming if it is drawn in the right manner. When you work with your artist, make sure that he or she understands what characteristics your potential customers will be seeking in your company, and request that he or she include these attributes in your logo's design.

Audial Memory

You can even take advantage of an animal's name in selecting your company logo. If the name of a creature sounds similar to the name of your company, customers are likely to think of your business every time that they hear such an animal mentioned. For example, the Geico gecko and the quacking Aflac duck have proven to be immensely successful company logos, not to mention the world famous Playboy bunny logo.

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